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Versatile Leading Lady

Musical Theatre Reel

Musical Theatre Reel
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Larissa Klinger Full Length Theatre Reel

Larissa Klinger Full Length Theatre Reel

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Larissa Klinger and Adam Roberts -  Falling Slowly

Larissa Klinger and Adam Roberts - Falling Slowly

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Larissa Klinger & Dan Fenaughty in I Do! I Do!

Larissa Klinger & Dan Fenaughty in I Do! I Do!

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"Fancy is played by Larissa Klinger who has the pipes and physical presence to dish out the plaintive tunes while letting go in her performance of the title song, “Fancy.” -Patrice Nolan/Encore MI

"As Fancy, Larissa Klinger (who performed in MBT’s “The Spitfire Grill”) carries the audience through a believable transformation from timid hillbilly girl to powerhouse singer." -Carol Azizian/The Oakland Press 

"Speaking of voices, I should talk about a few. Larissa Klinger as Fancy is hand claps all around. She puts her heart and soul into the role - you definitely see (and feel) all her passion! By the time we arrived at the title number, she had the crowd wrapped around her finger." -Katie Laban/Broadway World

"To believe her journey, the actress portraying Fancy must help the audience see the evolution of the character. Thankfully, Klinger is more than up to that task. From timidly performing Dierks Bentley’s “If You’re Going Through Hell” to finding her voice with Lynn Anderson’s “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden,” and finally bringing it home with the soul-shaking proclamation of “Fancy,” I bought every note. For me, Klinger wasn’t simply playing a part, but embodying a soul." -Sarah Hovis/Rochester Media 


"Vi Petty, Larissa Klinger is enjoyably Snarky, and her Keyboard PROWESS is a Satisfying SurprisE ."-Kathy Lauer-Williams/The Morning Call

"As Vi Petty, Larissa Klinger provides some needed Sparkle to the New Mexico recording studio scene." -Carole Gorney/Bethlehem Press 

THE SPITFIRE GRILL (Meadow Brook Theatre)

"SUNG BEAUTIFULLY by Larissa Klinger, "Wild Bird" is a raw ballad that's definitely a tearjerker. I really LOVED Klinger's Shelby, who truly is the definition of an independent, strong-willed woman." -Stefani Chudnow/Broadway World

THE ALL NIGHT STRUT (Meadow Brook Theatre)

"Larissa Klinger has the just-right moves and sparkling personality." ~Suzanne Angeo/American Theatre Critics Association 

I DO! I DO! (Ozark Actors Theatre)

"Dan and Larissa show what can happen when two actors can get together and combine great skill and great chemistry." ~ Corbin Kottmann/The Rolla Daily News

THE 39 STEPS (Ivoryton Playhouse)

"Larissa Klinger is stunningly gorgeous and comedically talented..." ~ Anthony Schillaci/The Hartford Examiner

"There is just one actress onstage, the lovely and extremely funny Larissa Klinger, who essays three female roles to wonderful effect. " ~ Zander Opper/Talkin' Broadway

DAMN YANKEES (Ozark Actors Theatre)

"There is another home run performance when Larissa Klinger, who sizzles in the role of "Lola," sings the musical number "Whatever Lola Wants." ~ Emily W. Brickler/The Rolla Daily News

SOUTH BEACH BABYLON (Florida Studio Theatre)

"The two stand-out performances came from the ladies. Larissa Klinger, as the gorgeous "face of South Beach" model Lennox Montel, played her perfectly as sweet and encouraging to fellow artists..." ~ Bonnie Silvestri/This Week in Sarasota

"Larissa Klinger perfectly inhabits sexy model Lennox Montel..." ~ Paula Atwell/Your Observer

THE 39 STEPS (Laguna Beach Playhouse)

"Larissa Klinger is a masterful comedienne with chameleon abilities. It also doesn't hurt that Klinger exudes sex appeal." ~ Ben Miles/Beachcomber


"Klinger's transformations from femme fatal Annabella to innocent farm girl Margaret to endearing heroine Pamela are truly impressive... Klinger's ability to generate three different characters is a testament to her craft." ~ Peter A. Balaskas/LA Splash Magazine

"Klinger gets to show off her range in three contrasting parts." ~ Paul Hodgins/The Orange County Register

MACK AND MABEL (Bickford Theatre)

"Larissa Klinger is Mabel Normand, a stunning brunette with a clear, carrying voice who sings and dances, and brings plenty of star quality to the role. She has an infectious charm, both in her mugging in the comic scenes and in her falling for Sennett." ~ Liz Keill/Independent Press NJ

"Larissa Klinger is an appealing and lively Mabel. Both McGowan and Klinger are particularly pleasing in their delivery of the Jerry Herman score." ~ Talkin' Broadway

"Klinger is beautiful to look at and has a lovely voice. Her saucer eyes and ability to prat fall embody the real Mabel Normand and her onscreen antics." NJ Arts Maven

BACKWARDS IN HIGH HEELS (The American Heartland Theatre)

"Larissa Klinger provides a comic highlight with her embodiment of Ethel Merman." ~ The Kansas City Star

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