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In the Director's Chair

I guess I've been directing since I was a small child.  If you grew up in my family you surely could claim you were part of a Larissa Klinger Original production.  If you were a kid on my street, I probably made you audition for one of my shows...a show that I wrote, directed, costumed, and, of course, starred in.

I love taking turns sitting in the director's chair because of the extreme joy I get from not only creating--but helping others create. The collaborating process of directing a show, uniting artists in a common vision and the chance to empower performers to live up to their fullest potential fills me with purpose. 

I feel it is such a responsibility to create a safe environment where actors can take risks and tell beautiful, truthful stories. 

In the Classroom

I have enjoyed being an educator in the arts since graduating college with a degree in Music Education.  In the earlier part of my career I taught music and theatre in the public school system in the Kansas City area. I also maintained a private piano and voice studio, as well as teaching dance and theatre classes at Miller Marley School of Dance and Voice. My summers were often full of teaching theatre camp and directing shows for children of active duty Military members.

Now in New York and on the road performing regionally, I love utilizing my passion for teaching by being a guest teacher/speaker in high school and college classrooms, teaching Master Classes, and offering private coaching.

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